SITLASchool and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (Utah)
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As for the Utah Lake public parcel, following the shooting closure, the BLM and SITLA donated 160 acres to Utah County to be used for a public shooting range.
The leases were also acquired at the SITLA auction and are in the region covered by an area of mutual interest defined under a purchase and sale agreement dated March 1, 2017, as amended, between Black Dragon Energy, LLC and WEM Dragon, LLC, which incorporates a form of joint operating agreement that will govern the joint ownership of the newly acquired leases.
It marks the first phase of acquisition in a plan that began in 2005, when SITLA signed an agreement to make 800 acres available for sale to the Conservancy and UDOT to establish a nature preserve with public access.
The issue came to the forefront in Utah this year when SITLA demanded more money for public access to the state's 3.4 million acres of trust lands.
The beauty of the energy developments in Utah's rural counties lies in the direct and indirect jobs that they create, the tax revenues produced and the land-lease payments to private property owners or to SITLA, the latter of which directly benefits Utah's school children, says Samantha Mary Julian, director of the Utah Office of Energy Development (OED).
Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) revenues come primarily from natural gas, coal, oil, real estate development and other surface uses such as grazing.
San Juan County - Employees from WILLIAMS NORTHWEST PIPELINE and the SCHOOL AND INSTITUTIONAL TRUST LANDS ADMINISTRATION (SITLA) joined forces to cleanup approximately 60 tons of junk and debris near Blue Hill in San Juan County just outside of Moab.
Martin Snow Christensen & Martineau Tom Mitchell SITLA William Prince Dorsey & Whitney LLP J.
Herbert's appointment of LOUIE CONONELOS to a six-year term on the board of trustees of the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA).