SITPSistema Integrado de Transporte Público (Spanish: Integrated Public Transport System; Bogotá, Colombia)
SITPScheme for Integrated Textile Parks (India)
SITPSaturday in the Park (annual music festival; Sioux City, IA)
SITPStrategic Information Technology Plan
SITPShut In Tubing Pressure
SITPSkeptics in the Pub
SITPSpace Is the Place (movie)
SITPSociété Internationale de Thérapie Psychomotrice
SITPShell Intensive Training Programme
SITPSystem Integration Test Plan
SITPShipyard Installation Test Procedure
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He also released a short film on SITP and visited a photo exhibition that was created to mark the event.
Eleven life domains were chosen as most relevant and were used as measurements in the SITP.
Ahora que hemos estado como en la fiebre del SITP hemos hecho varios talleres y es una relacion buena, hemos sido receptivos, los transportadores ya se adaptaron al cambio, han entendido que se necesita una transformacion, pues comparado en escala con Bogota la relacion aqui ha sido mas directa; de pronto puede ser por la cercania, ya que muchos operadores del transporte colectivo estan tambien en el masivo" (JoseJohn Galvez, c.
Michael Power, a doctor working in evidence-based medicine, decided to set up the Newcastle group after attending a SITP event in Edinburgh and meeting fellow North Easterner Richard Tomsett.
The SITP learning environment reflects several key interrelated principles of brain-based learning: 1) where there is meaning, there is learning; 2) there is no learning without emotion; 3) movement facilitates learning; and 4) making multiple connections between new information and prior knowledge enhances memory (Caine & Caine, 1994).
Although the SITP has very significant consumption tax features, including the tax-favored savings vehicles described above, it retains the norm of depreciation, rather than immediate expensing, for most long-lived business assets.
In October 2010, the CCEA approved a proposal for "Sanction of additional Parks under SITP to utilize the balance Rs.
15404 crores under the 11th Five Year Plan and under the SITP, an allocation of Rs.
En un escenario de transporte sostenible, las inversiones en el SITP deberan ser considerables, pues se debera consolidar un sistema con una capacidad y calidad que brinde alternativas validas a quienes tienen automovil.
La derniere edition du SITP avait regroupe plus de 380 exposants, dont 140 etrangers representant 14 pays, rappelle-t-on.