SITTSpectrum Information Technologies and Telecommunications (Canada)
SITTSmall Intestinal Transit Time
SITTSummer Institute on Technology in Teaching (Teaching Resources Center; University of California, Davis; Davis, CA)
SITTSwitch Interoperability Test Tool
SITTService de l'Informatique et des Traces Technologiques (French: Department of Computer Science and Technology Tracks; est. 2001)
SITTShipboard Integrated Tactical Team (US Navy)
SITTSystem Integration & Test Terminal
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On the basis of such ocular inspection, the Supreme Court could determine if the SITT and its operation are at par with international standards which could provide or insure efficient and seamless travel for the commuting public and if it could be considered as a framework of administration's centerpiece strategy for infrastructure development as provided under Executive Order No.
The inspection, the operators said, would give the high court the chance to determine if SITT is at par with international standards or operating under a very substandard condition.
They added that EO 67 provided for only two terminals-South and North Transport Terminals and then all of a sudden, the LTFRB and the Department of Transportation and Communications came up with the SITT.
But amid mounting complaints, the SITT and the whole concept behind it found a supporter in the transport group 1-Utak.
Senior citizens therefore no longer need to take a walk from the SITT to the city bus terminal just in front of the Uniwide Coastal Mall to find another ride.
Many complained there were not enough public utility vehicles that could take them after disembarking at SITT.
88 million a year, an amount they could now save by using SITT.
6, the SITT, under the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), will be the final destination in the metro for around 1,000 buses coming from Batangas and Cavite.
The petition seeks an eight-percent reduction in the amount of the transport fares of bus companies affected by the integrated transport project, thereby bringing down the minimum fare from Cavite to the SITT by P2.
Tolentino said the SITT, which will be formally opened on Aug.