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SITUPSSpatial Integrity Thresholding of Urban Polygons
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The department tests candidates for flexibility, the amount of push-ups and situps performed in a certain time frame, and the completion of a 1.5-mile run.
Situps, pushups, moving many boxes of books, and squatting repeatedly are examples of muscular endurance activities.
The drug is Lipitor[R], and the commercial shows a physically-fit, middle-aged man who does push ups, situps, and swims laps every day, but his cholesterol is 258.
In my view, they ought to scrap the current PT test (pushups, situps, run) for a four-mile march with a standard uniform and weapon.
For people suffering from osteoporosis, abdominal crunches, situps and other common exercises that bend the spine can cause back pain or, worse yet, result in spinal fractures.
A physical-fitness buff, Pamplin drew national publicity to Lewis & Clark College in Portland in 1992 when he challenged students to beat his 7.9-second rope climb, 625 situps in 15 minutes and 116 push-ups without a break.
"If someone with varicose veins is doing situps or weight lifting, the additional pressure causes backwards flow of blood which, in time, will worsen the condition of the varicose veins."
One year, one of my favorite IRS commissioners, I think his name was Roscoe somebody, wrote that one of the most often-asked questions by taxpayers was, "How can I contribute more?" Well, I tell ya, ol' Roscoe's really been doing situps under parked cars again.
I still have nightmares from my attempt to get into the exercise thing by doing a few leisurely situps. Discovering that, I was unable to sit up without hooking my toes under something, I went into the kitchen to hook them under the electric range.
Male subjects (n = 104) performed the tasks of hill run, horizontal bar, parallel bars, rope-climbing, 3000m run, obstacle course and dynamometer grip, whereas female subjects (n = 80) performed the tasks of hill run, rope-hanging, situps, 2000m run, obstacle course, and dynamometer grip.
* Try exercises such as situps to increase tone if abdominal distention is a problem.
In the beginning, she struggled to do two or three push-ups and situps during a circuit training routine.