SIUDSudden Intrauterine Unexplained Death
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Ach bha craiteachan uaille air an cridhe, ga chumail fallain, is bheireadh cutag an teanga slisinn a fanaid nan Gall agus bha obair rompa fhathast nuair gheibheadh iad dhachaigh, ged nach biodh maoin ac': air oidhche robach gheamhraidh, ma bha siud an dan dhaibh, dheanadh iad daoine.
Bha fear a siud ag innse sgeulachd air Conall Gulban is reodh na facian air a bhilean.
The Minhang District Government and SIUD join hands on the construction of infrastructure facilities and supporting amenities, including operations relating to the preparation of land for transfer and the development of real estate.
The Minhang District Government will provide support to SIUD in terms of taxation and investment incentives.
The Minhang District Government will timely notify SIUD of relevant project information and, under the same conditions, encourage SIUD to play an active role in project construction so as to help it actively seek cooperation with state-owned capital and enterprises in Minhang District for further market expansion.
In Minhang District, SIUD has successfully developed and built a group of high quality office and commercial properties, such as the Minhang U Center and Xinzhuang TOD Town projects, and all these large-scale projects will become icon projects in Minhang District going forward.
During the year, SIUD continued to strip assets that do not fit its long-term development strategy.
Taobh a-staigh Roinn an Ionmhais tha e a' deanamh a dhichill adhartas a dheanamh an siud 's an-seo airson na Gaidhealtachd.