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SIVACSystems Integration Value Added Center (Pioneer Standard)
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Nusreta Sivac, a Bosnian judge who was detained at Omarska, expresses this difficulty in a 1996 documentary: "Generally, it bothers me when someone says raped women .
As an example of this reasoning, the trial chamber examined evidence that a Muslim prisoner, who had been severely beaten, was thrown into a room by Tadic, who stated, "You will remember, Sivac, that you cannot touch a Serb or say anything to a Serb.
Her efforts to differentiate between good and evil regardless of gender or ethnicity are perceivable when she shows footage of a woman denying to journalists the existence of women prisoners in Omarska or the unwavering support given to survivor Nusreta Sivac by her Muslim husband, or when she includes fleeting recognition of the fact that Serbian women have been raped as well.
Sivac (1983) found that a state's homicide rate could be used to predict its traffic fatality rate, and Whitlock (1971) found relationships between road fatalities and levels of death by murder, suicide and other violent causes in data from 27 countries.
The first is to have KeyLink Systems assemble the system at one of its SIVAC (Systems Integration Value Add Center) facilities.
This sixth cycle of our Compliance Program has once again demonstrated that the Standards are adhered to," said Pierre Sivac, IERA president.