SIVAGMSimian Immunodeficiency Virus from African Green Monkeys
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samples Species (common name) SIV lineage SIV+ SIV- Pan troglodytes troglodytes SIVcpzPtt 2 1 (west central chimpanzee) Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii SIVcpzPts 1 NA (eastern chimpanzee) Cercopithecus nictitans (greater SIVgsn 6 45 spot-nosed monkey) Cercopithecus cephus SIVmus 7 30 (mustached monkey) Cercopithecus mona (Mona SIVmon NA 1 monkey) Miopithecus ogouensis SIVtal 1 6 (northern talapoin) Cercopithecus neglectus (De SIVdeb 7 1 Brazza monkey) Cercocebus torquatus (red-capped SIVrcm 4 NA mangabey) Chlorocebus tantalus (African SIVagm 1 NA green monkey) Mandrillus sphinx (mandrill) SIVmnd-2 10 2 Colobus guereza (mantled SIVcol 10 7 guereza) Total 49 93 * SIV, simian immunodefiency virus; NA, none available.
The mosaic analysis also disclosed a occurrence of SIVagm homology with the HIV-1vau env nucleotide sequence.
[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: FIA, enzyme immunoassay; WB, Western blot; RR, repeatedly reactive; UNSP, urine negative/serum positive; UPSN, urine positive/serum negative; ID, indeterminate; p, protein; gp, glycoprotein; STD, sexually transmitted disease; IDU, intravenous drug user; CSW, commercial sex worker; MSP, multiple sexual partners; SIVagm; African green monkey simian immunodeficiency virus; ICL, idiopathic CD4+ T-cell lymphocytopenia; CMI, cell-mediated immune; and PBMC, peripheral blood mononuclear cell.
The strain of [SIV.sub.AGM] found in sabaeus monkeys appears to be the result of a relatively ancient recombination event between SIVAGM and [SIV.sub.SM] from sooty mangabeys (19).