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SIVESocietà Italiana Veterinari per Equini (Italian: Italian Society for Equine Veterinarians)
SIVESimian Immunodeficiency Virus Encephalitis
SIVESimple IPod Video Encoder
SIVEStichting Intercultureel Vrouwencentrum Enschede (Dutch: Foundation for Intercultural Women's Centre Enschede; Enschede, Netherlands)
SIVESteam Injection and Vacuum Extension
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He was such an impres- sive orator that numerous persons doubted if he had ever been a slave, so he wrote NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS.
The conviction that it would end disas trously had been driven into me by all the succes sive shocks my sense of security had received.
His alms-giving, I have heard, was most exten- sive, covering almost the whole Archipelago.
The importance of this commitment cannot be underestimated by other business leaders who share EILEEN FISHER's belief in an equitable society," says Rebecca Sive .
Despite his hopes for the SIVE pump, Colombo does not see it as the apex of his 20 years' work at the institute.
A love story about Harlan Brown, a track coach, and Billy Sive, one of Brown's runners, the book eventually sells over 300.
Among them are Elias Ashmole, Sive and Parvati, Pythagoras, St.
It is also expen sive, costing pounds 60,600 per patient.
Base: All Adults Some- what Much Some- More More More Much What About Expen- Expen- Expen- Cheaper Cheaper The sive sive Not Cheaper sive Here Here Same Here Here Sure Here Here Gasoline % 33 20 7 6 8 26 54 14 Food % 12 26 19 8 4 31 38 11 Clothes % 9 21 24 9 4 33 30 14 Computers % 9 19 21 7 3 40 28 11 Automobiles % 9 17 17 14 7 36 26 21 Cameras % 5 14 25 11 6 40 18 16 Medical care % 4 6 5 18 37 30 10 55 Prescription % drugs 3 4 5 19 39 29 7 58 Seniors are more aware of price differentials
It is a well thought through plan that attempts to create a real 24-hour-a-day community in and around downtown Brooklyn," Steven Barshov, a real estate attorney at Sive, Paget & Riesel and expert in real estate development.
Where Edwards' approach is one of separating out the diverse cultural implications and disciplinary strands of a single text, Wiseman's method, in her study of the indeterminate position of the ape in Edward Tyson's Orang-Outang, sive Homo Sylvestris or the Anatomy of a Pygmie, involves a recuper ation of the neglected man-monkey myths in that work, an insistence on the relatedness of comparative anatomy and anthropological narrative, and a formulation of the potential transformability of individual creatures and social institutions.
Mr Sant moved to Leamington with his parents when he was two years' old and attended the former Croft Hall Comprehen- sive and Binswood Hall schools.