SIVISSurrogate In-Vehicle Information Systems
SIVISSatellite Imagery Visualization System
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In terms of instructions for task prioritisation, drivers were encouraged to perform the secondary (sIVIS) task to the best of their ability while not neglecting the primary (driving) task.
The auditory sIVIS task was designed to cognitively load the participants without demanding any additional visual resources.
In the second 10 minutes, participants were familiarised with the sIVIS, while performing the primary driving task.
Effects of experimental manipulations of difficulty and modality of the secondary (sIVIS) tasks were examined separately using a series of repeated measures ANOVA and Tukey post-hoc comparisons.
more accurately, as if the text's narrated events themselves were to call for and poetically create the conditions for the celebration of the Eighth-Day Vow, the story begins with King Sibi, the Sanskritic Sivi, ruler of the city called Bidarbhd (Bidarbha dhayagu nagarasa), more commonly known as Vidarbha, consulting with his queen and his ministers about the lack of a male heir.
of beds -- -- New admissions/bed -- -- (a) Data from SIG Nursing Home Information System (SIVIS) 1993 (SIG, 1994).
(b) Data, for subjects first admitted in 1993, from SIG Nursing Home Information System (SIVIS) 1993 (SIG, 1995).
Deniz Yilmaz Karapinar (a),*, Nihal Karadas (a), Zuhal Onder Sivis (a), Pinar Yazici (b), Muhterem Duyu (b), Dilek Metin (c), Bulent Karapinar (b), Yesim Aydinok (a)
The information about somatic control patients (physically disabled, non-psychogeriatric) who died during the study period was obtained from the Foundation `Information Centre for Health Care' (SIG) with the help of the SIG `Nursing Home Information System' (SIVIS).