SIWGStructural Integrity Working Group
SIWGSimulation Interoperability Working Group
SIWGSynthetic Instrument Working Group (test system technology design group)
SIWGSouthern Illinois Writers Guild (Carterville, IL)
SIWGSpecial Interest Working Group
SIWGScience Instrument Working Group
SIWGSurvivability Integration Working Group
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The IEEE ATML Group incorporated the SIWG's charter and research into the Instrument Description Standard P1671.2, which now is in the IEEE balloting process.
(1.) SIWG Meeting # 2 Statements and Definitions, Dec.
Despite the attractiveness of SI systems, Charles Greenberg, EADS senior product marketing manager and an active participant in the SIWG for two years, cautioned, "The unique capabilities of a legacy instrument may not be duplicated by a generic, purely synthetic approach.
SIWG primarily focuses on the SI concepts as applied to RF stimulus and measurement systems.
SIWG considered several high-speed serial interconnect technologies for data movement in ATE systems before selecting cabled PCIe.
Some benchtop instruments come close to fitting the SIWG definition.