SIWZSpecyfikacja Istotnych Warunków Zamówienia (Polish: specifications)
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2 to the specification of essential terms of the order, hereinafter referred to as siwz, meeting the parameters specified in annex no.
The scope of works includes: part i - provision of the oracle linux and oracle vm software support service - in accordance with the provisions of the draft contract constituting annex 3 to siwz and annex 4 to siwz - part i specification.
14 to siwz, with the technical specification of performance and acceptance of construction works, constituting annex 6 to siwz, with bill of quantities, constituting annex 7 to siwz, project traffic organization, constituting appendix no.
) in accordance with chapter v of the terms of reference (siwz).
1a to siwz. Cpv codes: 15300000-1, 15400000-2, 03210000-6 2) part ii - carbs - according to attachment no.
Place of obtaining SIWZ: Contracting Party - "tenders" tab.