SIXISoins Infirmiers et Informatique (French)
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Proper Nouns: Oruro--city, W2; Conoc, Coyoc, Dolod, Epipe, Esase, Eveve, Idodi, Ilili, Isisi, Mogom, Mohom, Mo-som, Motom, Onano, Ososo, Otuto, Siei, Siwi, Sixi, Siyi, Sizi, Yeley--towns, P; Matam, Onaga--towns, A; Agano, Iriri, Silis, Weser--rivers, W2, P, A; Yoyoy--Ontario lake, P; Esora--Biblical name, W2; Demas--companion of Paul, W2; Euler--Leonhard, Swiss math., W2; Noton--Nat.
Beijing, Sept 29 (ANI): A Chinese legislator, Chen Sixi, has said that the country has never considered scrapping the death penalty for those convicted of corruption in the draft amendment to the Criminal Law.
Juste apr?[umlaut]s le Chili, Iddouch a enchain?[c] avec une troisi?[umlaut]me place lors de la premi?[umlaut]re ?[c]tape du Championnat d'Europe au Portugal, qui devra abriter en septembre le prochain challenge, en l'occurrence la sixi?[umlaut]me ?[c]tape mondiale.