SIZSchweizerisches Informatik-Zertifikat (German: Swiss Computer Science Certificate; Switzerland)
SIZInformatikzentrum der Sparkassenorganisation (Bonn, Germany)
SIZStahl-Informations-Zentrum (German: Steel Information Center)
SIZSpecial Industrial Zone (Balochistan, Pakistan)
SIZSeasonal Ice Zone
SIZSediment Impact Zone
SIZSecurity Identification Zone
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But basal branches (formed in the SIZ) and the trophotagma enrichment axes (fonned in the LIZ) are generated in the axillary bud of leaves located at different levels of the trophotagma of the main axis.
First-year ice is rapidly replacing multiyear ice, and projections suggest that the SIZ might cover the entire Arctic Ocean by the 2020s (Overland and Wang 2013).
Today, they come in all shapes and sizes. With new and modern bars popping up every millisecond in the capital, let's consider something older, Kafeneio 11.
As discussed in Section 2, the expected signs exploratory variables are as follows: LAR (+/-), INS (+/-), FOR (+), STA (-), BAN (+), DUA (-), SIZ (+), EMP (-), LEV (+/-).
drinks Na ag mh he not per siz wa th His message to Rotterdam's sizeable Muslim population was: "If you don't like freedom then, for heaven's sake, pack your bags and leave.
He said Special Industrial Zone (SIZ) was established on 239 acres in the year 1994 at Airport Road and all infrastructure including water, filter plant, electricity Grid station, roads and gas were provided at the SIZ site.
Butunuyle bakildiginda, bizlerin ve siz degerli meslektaslarimizin tum gayret ve cabalari tek ulusal yayin organimiz olan Turk Oftalmoloji Dergisi'ni saygin yayin dizinlerinde yer alan ve uluslararasi kabul goren bir pozisyona getirmeye yoneliktir.
In addition, the diplomats became familiar with investment potential of Angren SIZ, conditions for development of business and investment climate created on its territory, work on development of transport and engineering infrastructure undertaken by the state, the press service of Angren SIZ administration reported.
The app provides a virtual D-pad and siz buttons - square, triangle, circle, cross, pause, and start.
A point in Turkish that can be difficult for foreigners is the use of "you." Similar to German du and sie and in French tu and vous, Turkish has two pronouns for the word "you." The main difference in the two forms in Turkish is that it makes a distinction between formality: Sen for the second person singular and siz for the second person plural.
2013 yilinda etki faktorumuz bir oncekine gore yukselmekle birlikte daha ileriye tasimak icin siz degerli yazar ve okurlarimizin desteklerinin surmesini bekliyoruz.
EKG cesitliligini daha da fazla artirabilmek amaciyla, siz degerli Hocama ve Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi'ne basvurdum.