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SJASt. John Ambulance
SJAStaff Judge Advocate
SJAThe Sarah Jane Adventures (British science fiction)
SJASt. Joseph's Academy (Baton Rouge, LA Catholic high school)
SJASports Journalism Awards (UK)
SJASt. Johnsbury Academy
SJASaint Joseph Academy (Brownsville, TX)
SJASocial Justice Advocate (various locations)
SJASyndicat de la Juridiction Administrative (French: Union of Administrative Jurisdiction)
SJAStanford Japanese Association (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
SJASafe Job Analysis (hazardous workplaces)
SJASingapore Jewellers Association (trade group)
SJAService Judiciaire d'Arrondissement (French: Service Judicial District; Belgium)
SJASaint James Academy (Malabon, Philippines)
SJAsynthetic jet actuator
SJASpokane Junior Academy (Spokane, WA)
SJASan Jose Academy (Catholic school in Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines)
SJAShow Jumping Archive (Italy)
SJAStrategy Justification and Approval
SJASwing Joint Assembly (sprinkler system component)
SJASwiss-Japan Association for Engineers and Scientists (Switzerland)
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He added that the forum and awards were directly supported by the Saudi Minister of Media, Turki Al-Shabanah, who had already held a number of meetings with SJA board members to promote different industry initiatives.
SJA has been engaged in the training and education of judges in the province of Sindh.
DG SJA Justice Arif Hussain Khilji while speaking on the occasion said,
As mentioned before, and due to the standard of proof to convict (beyond a reasonable doubt), there will likely be strong SJA resistance to expunging all records of those acquitted.
In (1), the control input [mathematical expression not reproducible] represents the virtual surface deflections resulting from m arrays of SJA. These virtual surface deflections help create the lift forces on the outer trailing edge of the array [13].
The Ballad of the SJA (sung to the tune of Barry Sadler's Ballad of the Green Berets) (verse one) Bringing justice to the groups of America's fighting troops They tell the Generals yes or nay Those clever men of the SJA (chorus) Coffee cups upon their desks Trained for mental arabesques They will distort what others say Those clever men of the SJA (verse two) Trained in logic of a sort 'Midst regulations they cavort The Federal law is just child's play For those clever men of the SJA (chorus) (verse three) In the office clients wait While attorneys cogitate Those lawyers sit, so calm and cool Picking scores for the football pool (chorus) This song is clearly a riff on Barry Sadler's popular Ballad of the Green Berets, which sold over one million copies and reached No.
ANDY MURRAY kicked off what is sure to be a busy awards season by winning the SJA sportsman of the year award.
MTI will be a major subcontractor to SJA, manufacturing and assembling the majority of the SJ30 airframe structure.
World champion triathlete Helen Jenkins and jockey Hayley Turner were runners-up to Adlington in the poll of SJA members Cavendish won the world road race title in Copenhagen having won the green jersey at the 2011 Tour de France in the summer.
Unfortunately, there is a dearth of research in the school counseling literature focusing on factors related to social justice advocacy (SJA).
SjA gren's syndrome is an autoimmune disorder in which the glands that produce moisture are destroyed.
Syed Jibran Ali (SJA): Although most people know it for its WiMAX services, it connects more people in a lot of different ways.