SJCCSan Jose Conservation Corps (California)
SJCCSan Jose City College (San Jose, CA)
SJCCStroum Jewish Community Center (Washington)
SJCCSun Java Code Conventions
SJCCSwiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce (Zurich, Switzerland)
SJCCSan Jose Convention Center (California)
SJCCSan Jacinto Community College
SJCCSpring Joint Computer Conference
SJCCSt John's Community Centre
SJCCSt Joseph's Commerce College (Bangalore, India)
SJCCSt. John's Curling Club (Newofundland)
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Results of the LL, AIC and BIC of the estimated copulas Copulas LL AIC BIC SJCCt -134.2724 -268.5046 -268.4301 GCt -133.4771 -266.9341 -266.8968 SJCC -131.1759 -262.3384 -262.3136 SC -129.6637 -259.3139 -259.2891 GC -127.5608 -255.1149 -255.1025 GUC -124.3768 -248.7469 -248.7345 RGUCt -121.6835 -243.3468 -243.3096 RGUC -119.0534 -238.1234 -238.0876 PC -113.9197 -227.8327 -227.8203 FC -109.9087 -219.8106 -219.7982 CC -97.5238 -195.0409 -195.0285 Source: Prepared by the authors.
The University of San Diego, SJCC, DePaul University, and the University of Minnesota talked specifically about the significance of assessment and accountability.
This article outlines the development of basic computer literacy skills courses under the auspices of the Title III Grant awarded to San Jose City College (SJCC) of San Jose, California by the United States Department of Education (Grant no.
Abridged version in SJCC 1963, Spartan Books, Baltimore, Md., 329.