SJCPStrake Jesuit College Preparatory (Houston, Texas)
SJCPSan Juan-Chama Project (est. 1962; US Bureau of Reclamation)
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Project and SJCP under the June 2001 BiOp, which expressly mandated that
rejected appellants' claim that the SJCP and MRGP Repayment
contract with the City to deliver SJCP water and the District's
supplementing the ailing river with SJCP water to benefit the minnow cut
beneficial use of SJCP posited by Jicarilla; delivery of water for
majority responded that releasing SJCP water to prevent jeopardy to the
identify no clear statutory prioritization of uses under the SJCP Act.
Under the court's interpretation, SJCP water and native river flows
interconnected system, the SJCP offsetting man-made or natural
Bureau held no rights under state law to SJCP water, its duty to store
water in Heron Reservoir for the beneficial use of SJCP contractors
treatment plant to facilitate tapping into its full use of SJCP water by