SJFAScottish Junior Football Association (Scotland)
SJFASpirit Journey Formation Anniversary (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma band)
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SJFA chief Tom Johnston said: "Summer football is on our agenda and we have put together a paper looking at the pros and cons of moving season.
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The example that best conveys the impact of sport on the production of francophoneness at the Games is the enduring debate concerning the selection of participants: should the SJFA recruit among all French-speaking youths or should the Games be restricted to youths who speak French as a first language?
Organizers enunciated these cultural "truths" in documents, namely in AFG programs and in SJFA statutes, and in interviews.
The biggest problem was the date, December 23, had been agreed at the SJFA AGM in the summer as the first of a two-week winter shutdown for everyone.
But SJFA secretary Tom Johnston insists the body have to be "even-handed" with disciplinary issues.
REBEL Ayrshire clubs have demanded an urgent meeting with SJFA secretary Tom Johnston.
Thankfully, a quick call to SJFA HQ confirmed rumours of the grand old lady's demise were greatly exaggerated - it actually got replaced eight years ago
But earlier this year, while playing for Wishaw Juniors, Dunn punched a rival Thorniewood United player and was banned for 10 years by the SJFA
It's been a controversial decision by SJFA beaks and a number of topflight bosses who have no players involved have voiced their anger at being given a free week.
Leg-weary by the end, the trailblazers from the SJFA East Superleague twice flirted with an earth-shattering upset.
SJFA secretary Joe Black added: "I can assure you we will have no hesitation in taking action against the player and club if this is found to be necessary.