SJGSSan Juan Generating Station (New Mexico)
SJGSSan Joaquin Geological Society (California)
SJGSSt. Johns Grammar School (Jacksonville, FL)
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We look forward to building upon the solid partnership with the SJGS team in the years to come.
The terms of the plan primarily focus on how SJGS would meet the regional haze rule, but also include a natural gas plant to be built in the Four Corners region to partially replace the capacity from the retired coal units.
The expected net impact of this transaction and the retirement of Units 2 and 3 will be a reduction of 340 MW in PNM's ownership of SJGS and it identifies two additional sources of power to replace these.
PROJECTED FINANCIAL STRENGTH: Fitch expects the city will maintain a strong financial position for the foreseeable future, despite the cost uncertainty surrounding SJGS.
The September 2016 compliance date for the federal implementation plan currently in place for San Juan Generating Station requires installation of selective catalytic reduction technology on all four units of SJGS.
The federally mandated plan includes a tight timeline requiring installation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology on all four units of SJGS.
Compliance with the EPA's plan related to SJGS is estimated to cost significantly more than the state's plan, with almost no discernible difference in visibility.
The planned three-week outage of Unit Two at SJGS, which began April 23, remains on schedule.