SJHLSaskatchewan Junior Hockey League
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The board believes that SJHL and Mike Ashley will be excellent custodians of Newcastle United's heritage and will provide the best possible opportunity for the club to flourish in the future, to the benefit of the company and its fans.
The SJHL influence on the style of play was obvious.
He was in his fourth season in the SJHL but had played poorly in the exhibition games and practices.
This is probably the best place to play in the SJHL," he said.
Currently, SJHL is a minority investor in Newcastle United and has not yet had the opportunity to undertake a thorough investigation of Newcastle United's current business and prospects.
Mike Ashley has funds to make available, through SJHL, for investment in Newcastle United.
A statement read: "The board of Newcastle United has met to discuss the SJHL offer and has requested an early meeting with Mike Ashley and his team and look forward to discussing the offer and his plans for Newcastle United in more detail.