SJNScottsdale Job Network (Scottsdale, AZ)
SJNSan Juan (Puerto Rico)
SJNSt. John Neumann
SJNShortest Job Next (scheduling algorithm)
SJNSocial Justice Network
SJNStichting Jeugdinformatie Nederland (Dutch: Youth Information Foundation Netherlands)
SJNSan Jose Network (est. 1991; marketing company)
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En cuanto a los indices de marginacion, SJN mejoro a partir de un indice de alta marginacion, en 1980, hacia otro de baja, en 2000, lo que implica una mejoria de dos niveles (de alta a media, y de esta a baja), comportamiento que pudieron tener solo el 8,8% de los municipios de Michoacan en el mismo periodo (SNIM 2003).
Distinguimos varios factores basicos que han jugado un papel decisivo en la dinamica entre los elementos tangibles e intangibles del desarrollo local en SJN.
The film is directed and visually created by Gunnar Karlsson, based on a story by scriptwriter Sjn.
Firefly was added to SJN to complement a seasoned creative network addressing a marketplace need - solutions that touch beyond the traditional marketing and branding strategies.
based companies are beginning to realize the rapid transformation of the Hispanic segment," said Tatiana Vieira, executive director of SJN.
San Jose explained that SJN offers clients the "best of both worlds": global resources, balanced with a U.
SJN denounced preventing journalists from performing their professional duty and the seizure of their card, underscoring the importance to respect the press and allow journalists to carry out their work.
This bill does not reflect opinions of the majority of journalists, besides applying harsh economic measures through imposing high duties, taxes and customs on printing press materials, the SJN said.
The SJN said it looks forward to seeing swift measures by the NCPP with the participation of all concerned bodies to cancel the pre-publication censorship and lift the ban on the suspended newspapers and journalists.
Mahi Al-Din Titawi, the head of the Sudanese Journalists Union (SJN), which is dominated by pro-government individuals, said during the seminar that the SJN would not allow the passage of a new law that curtails freedom and gags mouths.
SJN said that these practices contravene the freedom of press enshrined in the country's constitution and "debunks the lack of professionalism on the side of the NISS and its total alignment with the ruling party.