SJNCScottish Joint Negotiating Committee
SJNCSt. John Neumann Catholic Church (various locations)
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I intend to bring forward proposals to the Scottish Parliament as soon as possible to repeal the SJNC legislation.
If agreed, measures to remove the SJNC would come into effect next year.
But Galbraith stressed that the SJNC will still be expected to determine and agree a pay settlement for the current year.
Last night SNP education spokeswoman Nicola Sturgeon said: "It is a disgrace that Sam Galbraith is attempting to intimidate teachers into accepting this offer by threatening to abolish the SJNC.
He said: "The rejection of these latest proposals shows for the second time this decade that the SJNC is a form of negotiating machinery not suited to modernisation.
This demonstrates that the SJNC cannot deliver a modernised and professional teaching force to meet the demands of the next century.
5 per cent and the SJNC remained in some form, that would be acceptable.
His leaked document concluded if EIS members reject the new pay offer, the SJNC should be scrapped.
I am quite clear that if such a package cannot be agreed by the SJNC, it will have to be abolished and alternative arrangements put in its place.