SJPGSocial Justice Policy Group (Centre for Social Justice; London, England, UK)
SJPGSan Juan Publishing Group (Colorado)
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The SJPG identifies five 'pathways to poverty': family breakdown, educational failure, economic dependence, indebtedness and addictions (SJPG, 2006a, 13).
His analysis derives primarily from the work of the SJPG and the CSJ.
The SJPG's analysis links family breakdown to 'welfare dependency': 'the failure to form a durable bond between a mother and a father often leads to welfare dependency' (SJPG, 2006a, 32).
The SJPG has broadened the notion of welfare dependency to embrace 'in-work dependency': 'dependency on out-of-work benefits has been replaced by dependency on tax credits' (SJPG, 2006b, 12).
According to the SJPG, 'the war on poverty will only be won by liberating the third sector from the incessant pressure to do the government's work in the government's way' (SJPG, 2007, 57).
SJPG (2006a) Breakdown Britain, London, Social Justice Policy Group.