SJQSupplemental Juror Questionnaire
SJQSwan Jones Quay (law firm; Australia)
SJQSoul Jazz Quintet (Steve Czarnecki album)
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Although some judges agree to include basic demographic information (such as details about military service, education, or employment), others limited it the amount of this information in the SJQ.
A few basic instructions need to be included on the cover sheet to an SJQ.
As noted earlier in the list of SJQ benefits, jurors seem to take questionnaires ore seriously than oral voir dire, in part, perhaps, due to the oath they sign.
SJQs generally focus on case-specific topics rather than on general demographic information.
Perhaps this is because SJQs administered before jury selection can save time that would otherwise be spent in oral voir dire.
Where a court is not convinced that public awareness of a case is sufficiently widespread to require extensive or individual voir dire, juror responses to SJQs call provide compelling data demonstrating the actual level of juror awareness of the case.