SJRSenate Joint Resolution
SJRSocial Justice Research (journal)
SJRSuperjoint Ritual (band)
SJRSolder Joint Reliability
SJRSt John's Ravenscourt (school; Canada)
SJRSt John Rigby (Catholic Sixth Form College)
SJRSignal-To-Jammer Ratio
SJRSaint Joseph Regional High School (USA)
SJRSan Joaquin Refining Co. (Bakersfield, CA)
SJRService Jésuite Aux Réfugiés (French: Jesuit Refugee Service)
SJRSt. John of Rochester
SJRServicia Jesuita a Refugiados (Spanish: Jesuit Refugee Service; Dominican Republic)
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We could not have achieved this point assuring not only the survival, but also the expansion of SJR without the dedication for many years by the editor, cartoonists and designers, the labors of writers, columnists, the board of editorial advisors and the board of directors as well as the contributions by its readers that were cited in the last issue as the true media elite in our community.
SJR will be published six times per year instead of ten.
The billings from SJR Enterprises stood out like a sore thumb.
One look at it removed any doubt that Stanley and SJR Enterprises were one and the same.
Because of these concerns, we thought this is an opportune time to share our plans for the future growth of SJR.
Since subscriptions do not pay for the total cost of the publication and since SJR has been unable to develop advertising (SJR has no objections to including ads), remaining independent implies the raising of funds to pay for the deficit.
Ed will remain a part of SJR and you can expect to follow his provocative thoughts in the future.
SJR was one of the very few media outlets, that recognized the flawed direction "Public Journalism" would take the media.
SJR has collected enough contributions to survive for the next few issues as Klotzer continues to search for a new home.
As another example, she wonders how a leading journalism reference guide lists SJR, without offering any evidence, as one of journalism's "core" publications and why they call it "a lofty-thinking, intelligently written, and occasionally muck-raking example of regional journalism watchdogism" (William B.
One of the things they understood was that SJR was being run on a shoestring.