SJRPSocial Justice Resource Project
SJRPSan Juan Riding Program (Ridgway, CO)
SJRPSocial Justice Residence Program (University of Puget Sound; Washington)
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We thank the curators of the following herbaria AAU, B, BHCB, BM, CEPEC, CESJ, FURB, GH, GUA, HAS, HB, HBR, HUEFS, HUCS, ICN, K, LPB, MA, MBM, MBML, MO, MVFA, MVFQ, MVM, MVJB, NY, OUPR, P, PACA, QCA, R, RB, RBR, RFA, SJRP, SP, SPF, UB, UPCB, UC, US, VIES and VT (herbarium abbreviations follow Thiers 2012) for providing material for this study.
To the curators of the following Herbaria for the loans and assistance during our visits (B, BM, CORD, D, HAS, HB, HBG, HBR, HUCS, ICN, K, M, MBM, MO, PACA, P, PR, R, RB, S, SJRP, SP, SPF, UPCB), especially to Dr.