SJSNSistem Jaminan Sosial Nasional (Indonesian: National Social Security System)
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For that reason, the process of formulating and introducing the 2004 SJSN law was done in a top-down manner by the Megawati government without a broad societal consensus.
However, electoral competition and open policy processes alone cannot ensure the implementation of universal healthcare, as the failed implementation of the 2004 SJSN law illustrates.
In 2004, the Indonesian government enacted the SJSN law, which was supposed to be a comprehensive social welfare reform.
Both trade unions and employers' associations lobbied against the 2004 SJSN bill.
There has been a notable change since the 2004 SJSN law was passed.
Although President Yudhoyono had a plan to implement the 2004 SJSN law within live years, his government was reluctant to implement it.
On 13 July 2011, KAJS, on behalf of 120 people, including trade union and NGO activists, lawyers, students, journalists and other professionals, (46) sued the government for negligence and lack of commitment to implementing the 2004 SJSN law within the time frame indicated.