SJSUSan Jose State University
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The SJSU researchers mounted Doppler LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, a remote-sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distances) instruments onto a pickup truck, which they placed near wildfires.
SJSU has a long and storied history as an institution at the center of sport and social change.
Our SJSU president Mo Qayoumi, who was recently appointed to the Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council, is spearheading plans for one of the nation's first university-based cybersecurity centers," she says.
Take a look at the SJSU syllabus for LIBR 203 in Box 2 on page 19.
While both the public main library and neighboring SJSU library needed to expand and update, neither could afford to do so.
Wei credits this to increased SJSU outreach and recruiting at local high schools as well as activism by the college chapters of the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists and the Black Alliance of Scientists and Engineers.
Brilliant established the center in 1983 with his gift to SJSU of eighty first editions of Beethoven's music, a reproduction of a 1795 Dulcken fortepiano, and funds to begin the acquisition of rare books.
When the California Energy Commission initially funded this program in 2003 the goal was to take one or two companies to the marketplace," said Mary Sidney, chief operating officer at SJSU Foundation.
In the case of SJSU, the average response of the cohort to survey items was 3.
For the past 48 years, SJSU has served and prepared teachers of the deaf who primarily resided in the southern San Francisco Bay region.
For SJSU, most of the University's staff and students drive to campus and leave their car there all day.
While the early 1970s saw the end of a period of mission clarification and reorganization, major shifts in the social, cultural, and economic environment were only beginning in the region SJSU served.