SJZSchweizerische Juristen-Zeitung (German: Swiss Lawyers' Newspaper)
SJZSeevers Jordan Ziegenmeyer (real estate appraisal; est. 1998; Rocklin, CA)
SJZSão Jorge, Azores, Portugal (airport code)
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The fuller details in SJZ yield significant hints as to what "ritual" the girl was performing and the motive behind it:
Li Xian and the author of Guiji diji might have simply followed the SJZ version, which says that the girl's search yielded an immediate result.
Other local inspired themes include an interior 'rock'- a vibrant-colored copper fabric providing a visual landmark and sculptural circulation - at the north atrium entrance; the undulating south entry canopy; and collective 'red lantern' elements within the rooftop wedding chapel, boutique hotel tower, and SJZ Street, which combined, represent China's urban progression.
SJZ Li Daoyuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (466 or 472-527).
Four of Infinity's funds - the SJZ fund, the I-China fund, the Changzhou fund and the Tianjin fund - participated in this investment.
China -- Last year, as part of our re-defined global strategic priorities, we decided to sell our interests in the four joint venture investments made previously by National Power in China (Fuyang, SJZ Yong Tai, Jiaxing and Yihua) and withdraw from the Chinese market.
We secured a 52% stake in the 1,600 MW plant at Hazelwood (Australia), a 26% stake in the 1,600 MW plant at Kot Addu (Pakistan), 100% ownership of the 158 MW CCGT at Milford (US), and a 70% stake in the SJZ 50 MW cogen plant in the Hebei province of China.
70% stake in the 50MW combined heat and power SJZ plant in China