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SK3Storekeeper Third Class (Naval Rating)
SK3steel hardness code
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SK3, which is acquiring strategic assets in technology, healthcare and business services, also negotiated agreements with two marijuana collectives and 13 marijuana healthcare facilities and inked a lease-purchase arrangement for land in southern California, as well as administrative management agreements with four collectives in the state.
SK3 Vidal Gonzalez CS3 Adam Buchanan USS Ardent (MCM 12)
Teacrate's national sales manager, Nick Burke, said: "The new SK3 will certainly reduce labour costs as fewer people will be needed to load and unload the truck; but health and safety is probably even more important.
SK3 is a healthcare logistics and fulfilment consultancy focused on the delivery of alternative care and medicine.
SK3 entered into an agreement and plan of merger on April 16, 2007 to acquire Reliablecom, Inc.
Row five, CS2 Tsui, CS2 Oliver, SK3 Potter, SK3 Hansen.
Fifth and Sixth rows: CS3 Michelle Reyes, SK3 Christina Baracosa, SN Kinita Walters, SKSN Felicia Mitchell, CS2 Edith Murillo, CS2 Deon Stanford, CS3 Reginald Garland, ET3 Ryan Carrithers, CSSA Joshua Nichol and IC3 Jeremy McLovin Albritton.
CS3 Hall, SKSN Loughlin, SK3 Kelley, CSSN Peters, BM3 Horsford, and GMSN Harris make up the sixth row.
USS Peleliu (LHA 5) SK3 Virgilio Ampoloquio, USN SK2 Shweta Karnik, USN SH3 Tommy Davis, USN SK2 Donnie DeLeon, USN CS3 Kyle Fearno, USN CS3 Crystal Hartcarroll, USN CS2 Jose Heredia, USN SH1 Dax Lynch, USN SH3 Brenda Martin, USN SK2 Sandra McCoy, USN CS3 Nakia McFarlane, USN SH3 Gavilan Walters, USN
Pictured from right to left and front to back are LCDR Yanfeng Li, Supply Officer; LTJG Toro Walker, Assistant Supply Officer; ENS Daniel Sepulveda, Disbursing/Sales Officer; SKCS Daniel Geronimo, CSC Steve Naguillen, SHC Andrey Tretnoff, PC1 William Taylor, PS3 Quan Huynh, CS3 Samuel Herrington, SK2 Luis Esparza, CS2 Glenn Varias, CS3 David Watt, CSI Caesar Delacruz, CS3 Harvey Cabrera, CS2 Myrone Davis, CSI Terry Moller, CS2 Brian Hanchett, SKI Val Finley, PSI Manuel Wigley, SK3 George Lowman, SHSN Joshua McBride, CSSN Neil Collins, SK2 Aaron Coleman, SK1 Alvin Torres, CS2 Eric Coleman, and CS3 Dean Berrier.
The other department personnel are: CS3 Shiflett, CSSN Lefloor, SK2 Dixon, CS1 Veloria, CS1 Hanbury, CSSN Castro, CS2 Billard, SH1 Ingram, SHSA Ewing, SHSN Murray, SK3 Toptchenko, SN Becerra, SK3 Cruz, SHSA Holmes, CS3 Dillard, SK2 Hoag, SHSN Przystas, SH3 Gibson, CS2 Snoga, CSSA Ruffin, SHSN Radziski, SK2 Shepherd, SN Davis, SK2 Stewart, CS3 Hansley, SHSN McNary.
RADM Stone began by presenting Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals to SK1 (SW) Michael Pautu, SK2 (SW)April Grant, and SK3 (SW) John Martin.