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"We are thrilled to say that Street Sk8er is the first title to deliver PlayStation players the ultimate fantasy adventure in skateboarding," said Tarrnie Williams Jr., producer.
Even Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi" song proves my point.
Will, clearly emotional by the big event, sang his favourite song from the week, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, and when it was announced he had won, threw his hands in the air and hugged Ruby, who sang Sk8er Boi.
Lavigne shot to fame with her 2002 album Let's Go and also gave hit singles including Sk8er Boi and I'm With You.
9) Which pop singer and 'sk8er girl' will be showing her latest fashion line, Abbey Dawn, at New York Fashion Week?
While the Sk8er Boi singer can afford to stay in one of the exclusive resorts along the beach, there are just as many hotels catering for those on a more modest budget.
Well that's according to Avril Lavigne who after launching fragrance Black Star decided it just wasn't enough and rolled out plans for a full toiletry range to include perfume, after shave, bath oil, bath soap, shower gel, body shampoo, and body lotion." The Sk8er Boi hitmaker is rumored to have recently filed an application with the U.S.
The 'Sk8er Boi' hitmaker said that she likes some of the kids' collection so much that she wants to wear them.
I'm just more rock-glam these days." Avril - who is famous for her feisty anthems Sk8er Boi and Complicated - unveiled her new image for the launch of album The Best Damn Thing, out next month.
The title track from the lovely Kelly's latest massiveselling album was co-written with Avril Lavigne and it shows - think of the powerful, catchy hooks of Sk8er Boi.
La Lavigne branches out on a sassy sequel that doesn't quite boast a Sk8er Boi, although both the power pop punch of He Wasn't and stadium singalong My Happy Ending come close.
DEEP Club Cafe at the Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay, will be presenting SK8er Boys on Wednesday, January 7, from 10pm.