SKAASindh Katchi Abadis Authority (Social Policy and Development Centre; Pakistan)
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Mixing vibrant community self-reliance with a little help from the government, Siddiqui and SKAA employees devised a cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable model of housing development.
The SKAA evaluates katchi abadis, supervises their "rehabilitation," and coordinates the procurement of building materials, water, electricity, sewage and waste disposal, and transport needs.
The vexing problem SKAA faced was how to outmaneuver the tenacious troika of corrupt officials, land grabbers, and local louts.
The SKAA and an NGO called Saiban (Action Research for Shelter), which Siddiqui based on the model of the Orangi pilot project, build their leasing facilities on-site so that supervisors meet the residents and applicants, earning their trust on a daily basis.
The SKAA and Saiban's engineers plan, survey, redesign, make estimates, and help execute plans in conjunction with community members, whom they consult constantly.
SKAA and Saiban sought and achieved the simplification of procedures and maximum community participation that they deemed essential for success.
In several cases, SKAA has retreated from katchi abadis where local powers interfered too much.
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