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[phrase omitted] a mye da phur kyi yon tan bcu la [phrase omitted] dmyig gnyi'd chung [phyung] ba [phrase omitted] bsdud [bdud] bsngangs ba [phrase omitted] sgra snyan pa grags pa [phrase omitted] ngan tsong [song] gi sdugs sngal zhi ba [phrase omitted] phyi +i sgra skad +gags pa [phrase omitted] sems myi g.yeng ba [phrase omitted] brtson +grus kyi go ca dang ldan ba [phrase omitted] sangs rgyas dang byang cub sems dpa+ thams cad dgyes pa [phrase omitted] ting nge +dzin thams cad mngon du gyur pa [phrase omitted] sangs rgyas kyi zhing khams yongs su dag par skye ba Several observations are necessary to clarify what is generally a very closely corresponding pair of lists.
To trace and analyze the emergence and development of these discourses on the Chinese Internet, this project takes the sociology of knowledge approach to discourse (SKAD) (Keller, 2011, 2012).
Wlodzimierz Pawlak's red painting with three ghostly figures apparently drinking vodka, Skad przychodzimy, kim jestesmy, dokad idziemy, 1986, borrows its title from Gauguin's Where Do We Come From?
Ponadto nie wiadomo, skad byli rekrutowani badani pracownicy, brak rowniez danych demograficznych, w tym wieku, stazu pracy czy wykonywanego zawodu.
ka, 9b5: des na ngas 'di skad du jig rten ni nga la rgol gyi/ nga ni 'jig rten dang mi rtsod do zhes gsungs so /.
(6) kha sang spyi 'thus la sprad pa'i yi ge'i nang dga' ldan pho brang gi gzung zer ba'i tshig de bsgyur bcos gtong rgyu chags kyi red zer ba de dga' ldan pho brang phyir bsdu byed dgos pa'i skad cha min/ dga' ldan pho brang mu mthud gnas kyi red/ 'on kyang chab srid kyi 'gan dbang 'khyer te dga' ldan pho brang gi gzung ngam/sgrig 'dzugs zhes brjod na 'grigs kyi med/de phyir bsdu byas/ da.
Harvard copy, on page 13a3 omits the lines- "rgya gar shad du/ Arya Mukhaikddassavidydmantra hrdayandma-dhdranl/ bod skad du/" and begins the next text with Tibetan title- 'phagspa zhal bcu gcigpa'i rig sngags kyi snyings po zhes bya ba'i gzungs.
The daily Al-Watan also published a list of 13 products possibly being sold in the Kingdom that contain aluminum phosphide, the compound suspected to have caused Monday's death of a sixyear- old girl and a three-year-old boy, the children of Hendrik and Dorthe Skad.
"skad mam wiedziec", sugerujac, ze nie maja podstaw do takiej oceny, albo po prostu deklaruja niepewnosc co do dokonywanych ocen.
dge slon dag khur daft khur len pa dan khur spoil ba dan khur khyer ba dag bstan par bya 'o zes nas ji skad du bstan pa de rgyas par rab tu bsad do II
In the poster, the pig-headed character Zhu Bajie appears befuddled, placing one finger in his mouth while confessing: "I am a pig-headed combo-language speaker" (nga sbrags skad bshad mkhan phag mgo can yin).
The [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] mang yul skad, speech of Ladakh are variant.