SKAPPScientific Knowledge and Public Policy
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This conference grew out of discussions held by the SKAPP planning committee, including Eula Bingham, Les Boden, Richard Clapp, Sheldon Krimsky, David Ozonoff, and Anthony Robbins.
At the SKAPP meeting and in a recent paper published in the European Journal of Oncology, he offers a laundry list of how researchers from the ostensibly "good" nonlitigation camp can and have defrauded colleagues and the public.
Policy makers, regulators, judges, and juries really need to consider all pertinent and available research, the SKAPP deliberations concluded.
Through empirical research, discussions among scholars, and publications, SKAPP aims to enhance understanding of how knowledge is generated and interpreted.
In addition, the papers and commentaries presented at the 2003 Coronado Conference have been published in a special supplement to the American Journal of Public Health and are available for downloading from the SKAPP website.
Currently he is Professor of Public Health at Tufts University School of Medicine, and a member of the SKAPP planning committee.
Based on the proceedings of the Coronado conferences, the first of which had no "counterpoint" papers such as those presented here, (144) one is moved to question whether the SKAPP agenda is any less self-interested than it claims those of "private parties" to be.
cfm (last visited June 6, 2006) (providing information about SKAPP and the Coronado conferences, and promising to publish forthcoming papers from the conference online); see also discussion infra Part IV.