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SKATSkagit Transit (Skagit County, Washington)
SKATSex Knowledge and Attitude Test (marital therapy)
SKATScience, Knowledge and Technology (American Sociological Association)
SKATSome Kootenay Arts Talk Magazine (British Columbia, Canada)
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Skat Cat 40 Blast Cabinet, TP Tools & Equipment.
Skit Skat How 'Bout That invokes a traditional Harlem Renaissance dance challenge to showcase nearly a century of African American urban dances and honor the birthplace of jazz as a foundation of Hip Hop dance.
To be a member of SKAT, a fighter pilot should be a Qualified Flying Instructor and clocked at least 2,000 hours of flying, of which about 1,000 hours should be on Kiran Mk II aircraft.
Keep doing the greatest skat boarding mag of all times.
Ole Ivan Pedersen at Told of Skat, the Danish duty and taxation authority, has said that the route almost always goes via Denmark when goods are smuggled into the other Nordic countries or to the United Kingdom.
Weir - who goes by the name Skat D - of Pimlico, central London, was ordered to pay pounds 3,500 compensation to his victim, a fine of pounds 1,500 and pounds 500 in prosecution costs.
This, says SKAT, is because Skye has effectively become the 51st US state through the role of a US bank in the bridge's construction - so islanders might as well join in America's Independence Day celebrations.
Some of the people living in areas prone to flooding along the course of the Skat river have been evacuated.
FORMER So Solid Crew star Skat D attacked his girlfriend for refusing to do his laundry.
And remember: There are more injuries in football and other sports than in skat eboarding.