SKBISamuel Kelsey Bible Institute
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In terms of total return performance, the HSBC/Nasdaq SKBI Total Return Index, which tracks the return of an emerging Sukuk portfolio consisting of 46 USD/GBP/JPY/EUR- denominated fixed/floating rate vanilla issuances, returned 9.69 per cent during 2012, up from 7.13 per cent in 2011.
The SKBI promised to confront employers on the workers' behalf.
In trying to create branches throughout Java, the Surabaya leaders of the SKBI sought support from local PNI members sympathetic to their aims.
On 1 April 1929, the SKBI central executive applied to join the Comintern-sponsored League against Colonialism and Colonial Oppression and on 30 May was formally accepted.
The arrest of SKBI leaders on 26 July confirmed Sutomo in his convictions.
Efforts were also made to gain a foothold among workers in Surabaya engineering and metal working companies and among workers at the British American Tobacco Company (BAT), though after the experiences of these workers in 1925/26 and again with the SKBI in 1929, it was a hard road.
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Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company (Nasdaq: SKBI), a China-based manufacturer and distributor of veterinary healthcare and medical care products, announced on Monday the appointment of Bing Mei as its permanent chief financial officer, effective 29 July 2011.