SKCCStraight Key Century Club
SKCCSidney Kimmel Cancer Center
SKCCSherbrooke-Knox Canoe Club (Australia)
SKCCSpontaneous Killer Cellular Cytotoxicity
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The National Cancer Institute ranks SKCC as one of the top three cancer centers in the United States in the application of genomics and proteomics to the treatment of specific cancers.
The results of the cancer research, lead by SKCC Scientific Director Jan E.
The paper, titled, "Subtractive Proteomic Mapping of the Endothelial Surface in Lung and Solid Tumors for Tissue-Specific Therapy," describes how the markers were identified and how the research was validated using proprietary technology developed at SKCC.
As reported in Nature, the SKCC researchers have identified unique markers in solid-tumor blood vessels that allow the use of a targeting antibody to cure lung cancer in rats.
Schnitzer has identified hundreds of differences between normal and cancerous tissue, explained SKCC President and Chief Executive, Dr.