SKCGRafael Nunez International Airport (Cartagena, Colombia)
SKCGSouth King County Group (Washington)
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7) Assured SKCG, CIGNA Health Plans Introduce PEO Platform
Kozera is joined by David Parker, SKCG's treasurer and a partner with the firm.
Insurance; Elizabeth Okon of SKCG Group Inc.; and so many others ...
York International SKCG Group (Photo #3), were honored by the Independent Insurance Agents & Broker's Association (IIABA) as "Best Practices Top Performers" for 2008.
He also congratulated Tom Sternberg of SKCG on the once-a-month all-day courses that SKCG is offering on Saturdays for 20 of its people.
The merger of which I am speaking is SKCG Agency (Sternberg & Partners Agency) merging with the Parker Group in White Plains, New York.