SKCMSociety of King Charles the Martyr
SKCMMaster Chief Storekeeper (Naval Rating)
SKCMSafe Kids Charlotte-Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)
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Second row, SKCM Evelyn Scott, Supply Department LCPO; CSCS Norberto Tayag, Food Service Division LCPO; SKCS Timothy Byng, Aviation Support Division LCPO; SKC Federico Capati, Stock Control Division CPO; CSC Sammy Beauchamp, Food Service Division CPO; SHC Sammy Gillo, Sales Division CPO; CSC Raymie Ochoa, Wardroom CPO; SKC Ryan Talob Aviation Support Division CPO; and SKC Benjamin Gorospe, Material Stores Division CPO.
Pictured, from left, are SKCS Marlon Arlanza, CWO3 Darius Imperial, ENS Benjamin Muniz, SKCM Anthony Charles, CWO2 Andrew Nguyen, LTJG Trae Young, LCDR Roy Hornback, LT Steven Osborne, SKCM Antonio Decena, LTJG Steven Lavender, CDR Gregory Hajzak, SHCM Daniel Robinson, LCDR John Lugo, LCDR Daniel Feliciano, SKCS Yolanda Adams, LTJG Josh Fischer, LT Joseph Pestar, SHCS Michael Tenn, LT Elisha Singleton, and ENS Keilyn Thompson (By LTJG Steven C.
Those pictured include CDR Kevin Henderson, Supply Officer; LCDR Chuck Dunphy, Assistant Supply Officer; SHCM Leon Hazley, Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer; LT Rhyss Hizon; SKC Jerilynn Pruske; ENS Vivian Maner; CSCS Greg Foster; CSCS Louvenia James; LTJG May Wedlund; LT Scott Lewis; SKCS Charles Talbert; LTJG Marina Witwer; SKCS Doug Ferm; SKCM Kai Hagen (German Navy); and LT Mike Eagan.
One way Peleliu overcame these challenges by forming three two-person Beach Det teams, led by LT Francisco Santos and SKCM Rey Delgado, to operate in hubs across the AOR.
Front row, from left, CDR Brian Mallady; Supply Officer, LCDR Joe Parran; Assistant Supply Officer, LCDR Dave Friedler; Principal Assistant Logistics, LT Steve Gulick; Principal Assistant Services, SKCM Metra; Department LCPO, ENS Jackson, SHC Milligan, CW03 Amansec, ENS Lee, SKC Jusayan, LTJG Blevins, SKC Lariza, CW03 Manipula, and SKC Steadman.
USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) earned its thirteenth consecutive Blue "E" in calendar year 2006 under the leadership of CDR Kevin Henderson, Supply Officer; LCDR Chuck Dunphy, Assistant Supply Officer; and SKCM (SW/AW) Jeff Tranovich, Supply Department Leading Chief Petty Officer.