SKCSSingle Kernel Characterization System (wheat hardness analysis)
SKCSSouth Kortright Central School (South Kortright, NY)
SKCSStandard Key Coding System (locksmith industry)
SKCSSenior Chief Storekeeper (Naval Rating)
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Abbreviations: ABS, mixograph flour water absorption; FLE, flour extraction; GYL, grain yield; HARD, SKCS kernel hardness index; HRW, hard red winter; PRO, grain protein; SIZE, SKCS kernel size; SKCS, single kernel characterization system; TW, test weight; VOL, bread loaf volume; VOLE bread loaf volume per protein; WT, SKCS kernel weight.
Through the partnership, SKCS will leverage Talarian's true publish-subscribe software products to seamlessly provide the financial industry a secure e-infrastructure designed to send and retrieve critical data such as stock quotes, shares purchased and sold, and financial news to a well-planned storage environment.
Grain hardness was measured with Model SKCS 4100 (Perten Instruments, Springfield, IL).
Grain from each genotype in each replication was measured for hardness, kernel diameter, and kernel weight using SKCS evaluation of a 300-kernel sample.
Front row from left, CAPT Sharon Sullivan, CAPT Jay Stocks, SKCS Vincent Caro, SKC Leonardo Holland, LCDR Jacob Miller, SK1 Allen Estacio, OS1 Charles Boothe, and SK2 Wendy Seaux.
The SKCS results in Table 4 showed a small but positive effect on kernel diameter for each source of resistance (R vs.
SKCS (AW/SW) Tammy Durham, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Fourth Award), Supply Department Leading Chief Petty Officer, EOD Expeditionary Support Unit Two, June 2007 to October 2008.
Kernel hardness index, kernel weight, and kernel moisture values were determined by a SKCS (Perten Model 4100) from the average of 300 grains.
SKCS (SW/SCW) Carlos Lopez, Senior Enlisted Advisor said, "It was a rewarding way to spend a day of liberty in the Philippines, and it's a great feeling to give back especially when you see the smiling faces of the children.
A soft-grain bulk was derived by compositing remnant grain of 19 of 20 SKCS Hardness Class 5 plants (maximum hardness score = 35).
1997) evaluated the SKCS 4100 as a means of measuring wheat kernel weight, hardness, moisture content, and sample uniformity and found it performed satisfactorily during harvest in Australia.