SKCSSingle Kernel Characterization System (wheat hardness analysis)
SKCSSouth Kortright Central School (South Kortright, NY)
SKCSStandard Key Coding System (locksmith industry)
SKCSSenior Chief Storekeeper (Naval Rating)
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Abbreviations: ABS, mixograph flour water absorption; FLE, flour extraction; GYL, grain yield; HARD, SKCS kernel hardness index; HRW, hard red winter; PRO, grain protein; SIZE, SKCS kernel size; SKCS, single kernel characterization system; TW, test weight; VOL, bread loaf volume; VOLE bread loaf volume per protein; WT, SKCS kernel weight.
The biography of court bell-master Tu K'uei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is at San-kuo chih [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Peking: Chung-hua, 19 hereafter, SKC) 29, "Biographies of Fang-chi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]," 806-7; trans.
SKC President Joe McDonald admits them are a lot of challenges in rural America, but his greatest is that of delivering business development education to the Native Americans on the Flathead Reservation, which the Pablo, MT college serves.
Ting 1.7-8; SKCS 2.2b-3a; CSKW 13.2a; TCCCC 3.471; IWLC 35.620 CHC 3.54 (partial); also T'ai-p'ing y[ddot{u}]-lan [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], comp.
7 "Huang-chou hsin-chien hsiao-chu-lou chi," in Hsiao-hsu chi, 17.17a (SKCS).
Single kernel characteristics (hardness, moisture, diameter, weight) were determined for each subsubplot with the SKCS 4100 (Perten Instruments, IL).
At maturity, grain from all four rows from each plot was harvested with a plot combine, and 200 [T.sub.4] seeds from each plot were used for grain texture [single kernel characterization system (SKCS) hardness index], kernel diameter, and kernel weight measurements using the Single Kernel Characterization System 4100 (Perten Instruments North America, Incorporated, Springfield, IL).
Brady, PS1/DK1 (AW) Rodrigo Cheeks, SKCS (SW) Arnaldo Gloria, SK2 Edgar Sulite, LCDR Matthew J.
Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (RFLP), friabilin, and SKCS test were performed on [F.sub.3] plants.
Seabee Combat Warfare SKCS Samuel Washington Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133
On the basis of single-kernel characterization system (SKCS) data recorded from 16 breeder trials from 1999 to 2001, means and standard deviations for Ok102 were 29.6 and 7.7 mg for kernel weight, 2.4 and 0.4 mm for kernel diameter, and 76 and 16 for kernel hardness.
Not pictured: LT Rob Roberts and SKCS Paul Metevia.