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But these, and other, paintings show great detail in house furnishings and clothing--the hollow in the wall for the tea caddy, the baby's cradle, the crane over the fire, the skib for the potatoes, the low swing of the door, the delph on the dresser, the 'hag' bed (outshot), the suspended hen's nest, the pictures and ornaments on the wall and mantelpiece.
The political aspect is touched on only lightly in this book, in which the emphasis is very much on the practical, day-to-day details of how the Irish rural poor lived--eating potatoes out of a skib balanced on a pot, sharing living space with pigs, hanging their clothes on straw ropes to keep them away from the damp floor.
The tiny Co Cork town's love of loot hasn't waned and tongues were wagging yesterday as the rumour mill started up and townsfolk began guessing who the latest lucky Skib might be.