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SKIDShotokan Karate International Deutschland (Germany)
SKIDSheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf (India)
SKIDSecret Key Identification (cryptography)
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The real benefit of skid steers in any application is their maneuverability in confined areas," Schaefer says.
Using six feet of half-inch hydraulic hose that he found in the shed, he connected the hydraulics on the tractor to one of the lift hoses on the skid steer.
Most skids are caused by excessive driver behaviour such as coarse steering, harsh braking or acceleration, or going too fast for the circumstances," said Bill, an off-road and skid instructor at Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife, for the past 15 years.
The aim of this research is study of skid trails density in Neka forest, Mazandaran province in Hyrcanian forest (north of Iran)
Novasep will be presenting the Sius TFF skid at the Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing tradeshow in Brussels on February 19-20, 2013.
He says that even companies that process less material should consider moving up from a skid steer to a wheel loader.
Before the skid car, the service used a skidpan that is also on our site, but the skid car is far cleaner and better suited to their needs
We opted for a skid pan instead of a simulator because fitting a skid car with a cradle to mimic the problem just makes it behave like a shopping trolley.
We measured ice skid number and PTFE skid number of BPST to analyze each factors of effective contact area and hysteresis loss affecting the friction of a rubber compound on ice.
A typical skid package might include one or more dust collectors, active and/or passive explosion protection devices, doors for bag-in/bag-out filter change-out, BIBO HEPA filters, continuous liner discharge, fans, controls and interconnecting ductwork.
Los Angeles County officials have waived a potentially lengthy environmental review for a proposed homeless shelter northeast of Sylmar that would house as many as 80 families from Skid Row, officials said Tuesday.
Anyone who is keeping an eye on the industry has been seeing a lot more skid steers zipping around demolition sites and C&D recycling yards in recent years.