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SKIMSentry Key Immobilizer Module (vehicle security)
SKIMSpill Cleanup Inventory (system)
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Scientists at North Carolina State University investigated the impact of production run time on the sensory, microbiological and functional properties of skim milk powder.
Filtered fresh milk (from buffalo, cow and camel), homogenized milk (Milk Pack(r)) and skim milk (SKIMZ(r)-Candia; 10 %) was warmed in a double boiler at 92-95C for 10-12 min, and then cooled to room temperature.
Skim Milk Chocolate 230 0 0 Steamed Nirvana [check] Dunn Bros.
Late-season" skim milk, which is primarily available from countries where milking is seasonal and cows are grass fed, is high in orotic acid, a substance known to promote uric acid removal by the kidneys, explained Dr.
Skim is recommended for high school readers; it is rife with some of life's grit and made poetic with its use of metaphors, symbols and motifs.
Never, ever snort at another bloke's skim - even if it hits the water and sinks like a hammer.
They can skim the SpeedPass and get the encrypted or encoded number.
The objective of the present study was to compare milk consumption behavior of fluid skim and UHT milk among elementary school-aged children in one region of South Carolina.
SKIM SCAM: A skimming device similar to the one used at the cashpoint in Wyken
When reading dancers' accounts of their lives, it is usually all too easy to skim the opening chapters in which the authors, often at exhaustive length, recount their formative years and the forces that led them to take up this most ephemeral art.