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SKIMSSher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (India)
SKIMSSecretariat Knowledge Information Management System (Andhra Pradesh, India)
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"SHE's the one that knows her own mind," said Pinky, brother to Skim Winsh, and a Napoleon among carters who had helped to bring the grand piano across the fields in the autumn rains.
Has the answer come from your uncle?" said Skim, doubtful whether so remote a land as America had posts.
"Where there ain't any roads?" Skim interrupted, but none laughed.
Nor can they tell why Skim Winsh, who came to his cottage under Dutton Shaw most musically drunk at 10.45 P.M of every Saturday night, as his father had done before him, sang no more at the bottom of the garden steps, where Sophie always feared he would break his neck.
His pigs got the cream and his children got the skim milk.