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SKIPSimple Key Management for Internet Protocols
SKIPStudents for Kids International Projects (UK)
SKIPSafe Kids Identification Program
SKIPSecure Key Interchange Protocol (Sun Microsystems)
SKIPSimple Key Internet Protocol
SKIPSick Kids need Involved People, Inc.
SKIPStudy of Knowledge in Practice (UK)
SKIPStarter Kit Internet Platform
SKIPSubmarine Knowledge Impaired Person (submarine service)
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You can't skip a hundred at first, but if you practice you'll mount up.
It was plain that there was not a great deal of strength in Mistress Mary's arms and legs when she first began to skip.
Put on tha' things and run an' skip out o' doors," said Martha.
At length she went to her own special walk and made up her mind to try if she could skip the whole length of it.
You also need to be able to state where your skip is going when it's delivered.
In fact, people who skip breakfast tend to gain more weight.
A video shows bin bags, glass, paint and household waste being tipped out of the skip off the back of a lorry before the vehicle is driven away.
According to a spokesperson for Cut Price Skips, speaking to an interviewer, "We want to be known as the best skip bin hire service provider in the Canberra Australia region.
based Justice Federal Credit Union's recent skip-a-payment program gave members the option to skip their qualified loan payments for November or December, and 25% of the $30 skip-a-payment fee was donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
I didn't know much about Skip when I first met him besides that he was Harry Caray's son and the play-by-play voice of the Atlanta Hawks.
Wearsider George Main invented the Locklite after becoming tired of warning lamps being stolen or damaged when he was running a skip hire firm.