SKIPPIESchool Kid with Income and Purchasing Power
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Skippie speaks reasonable Turkish - his Greek grandparents fled Smyrna during the 1922 massacres - the first mate is Filipino and the Hays are British.
How dare you, screamed the harbourmaster at Skippie...
"Skippies" as a market-research acronym for school kids with
Often, catching skippies can be the difference between a successful outing or a bust.
Akesson Location of Plant: Scunthorpe Brand Names: Skippies, Spot Trainers
If the fish turn out to be skipjack instead, don't fret: Skippies are great-eating.
FOR A DEAR FRIEND ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY It was way back in the fifties That it all began We couldn't have imagined The Friendship we have known Playmates in the old back yards With friends we still hold dear 'Kick the Can' and 'Skippies' The future held no fear The sixties we were young at heart Mini skirts and Mary Quant Cliff and Elvis came along And Tom Jones - by he could chant Then times moved on and we became Wives and mothers of our own Supportive to each other As our families have all grown I just want to take this special time To say 'Thanks for being there' And we'll continue to have that special bond Great Friends - right 'till the end Love and Best Wishes - Margaret M WHITE, Benwell.
The total catch consisted of skippies and a few dolphin, but unfortunately, no yellowfin.