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SKISSveriges Konsumenter i Samverkan (Swedish: Sweden's Consumers in Collaboration)
SKISSentry Key Immobilizer System
SKISSubordinated Capital Income Securities
SKISSix Kingdom Inventory System (Global Change Master Directory; Goddard Space Flight Center; US NASA)
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The skis are narrow, and have some buttons of tread on the bottom, just under the boot, because you need that traction to work your way up an incline.
Bumps for Boomers is clearly appealing to CEOs who spend part of every winter on skis in Aspen, people like John Beinecke, a director of Antaeus Enterprises, a private investment company in New York.
One British Columbia ski hill answered the challenge by bringing church to the mountain.
Make sure that you're properly measured by a qualified fitter at a reputable ski shop.
Meanwhile, the temperature in the main ski slope stays a comfy 10[degrees]C (50[degrees]F).
Cross-country and relay ski events are also broken down by disability.
Aspen Skiing Company (ASC), which operates four mountains, three hotels and 15 restaurants in Aspen, knows protecting the environment is protecting the ski industry.
If you're a beginner, your skis should reach no higher than eye level when you stand them on end.
Six-day learn to ski, pounds 111 - includes hire of skis and boots.
This winter, micro skis as much as 2 feet shorter than the traditional 6-foot length will be standard rental issue at many nordic centers throughout the West.
But in the snow she uses a low seat with skis on the bottom.
For $10 per vehicle, skiers can buy a Park 'n Ski sticker that entitles them to a whole season of skiing at Lolo Pass and other areas in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.