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SKInStealth Keyboard Interceptor
SKInSamen Kerk in Nederland (Dutch: Together Church in the Netherlands)
SKInStudent Kouncil of Intertribal Nations (student organization; University of Nebraska at Kearney; Kearney, NE)
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-- contain, under the heading of Skins To Jump Into, a list of individuals retired from this mortal scene, with whose names, families, and circumstances I am well acquainted.
The porridge did not taste good to him, so he trod upon his sack, and the dry skin in the sack squeaked loudly.
And he said that handling a snake- skin was such awful bad luck that maybe we hadn't got to the end of it yet.
After this the miller saw the skin in which the raven was, lying on the ground, and asked: 'What have you there?' The peasant answered: 'I have a soothsayer inside it.' 'Can he foretell anything to me?' said the miller.
Numbers of canoes soon came off, bringing sea-otter skins to sell.
"That is hardly my customary fee; I'll take home this first instalment, then return and bring an action for salvage against the skin."
I went back to the cave, and feeling that I must do something lest I should go mad, I drew to me the carcase of the great dog-wolf which I had killed, and, taking my knife of iron, I began to skin it by the light of the moon.
"Is a nation to be sold like the skin of a beaver?"
Wrapped in a skin I carried three swords, and the two bows, and the arrows which Perry and I had fashioned.
These though generally included in the generic name of free trappers, have the more specific title of skin trappers.
Ciaran in a book made from the skin of a favorite cow of a dun color.
And good old Geppetto took out a knife, peeled the three pears, and put the skins in a row on the table.