SKMLSingapore Kadayanallur Muslim League
SKMLSri Kannapiran Mills Limited (Tamil Nadu, India)
SKMLStichting Kwaliteitsbewaking Medische Laboratoriumdiagnostiek (Dutch: Foundation for Quality Medical Laboratory Diagnostics)
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Ross HA, on behalf of the Endocrinology section and project group "Calibration 2000" of the SKML (Dutch Foundation for Quality Assessment in Clinical Laboratories).
Finally, because bilirubin restandardization has clinical consequences for the treatment of jaundiced neonates, the Chemistry Section of the SKML, in close collaboration with Dutch neonatologists, specifically aims to focus in 2010 on the analytical and clinical performance of commutable high-concentration neonatal bilirubin samples.
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: SKML, Stichting Kwaliteitsbewaking Medische Laboratoria; JCTLM, Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine.