SKMSService Knowledge Management System (ITIL version 3)
SKMSSignal Knob Middle School (Strasburg, VA)
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In SKMS, where intellectual and academic spaces have been a critical part of the evolution of the movement (the journey emerged from a controversial attack on the book Sangtin Yatra for instance), there is a political sensibility that privilege does not reside in just one or two predictable locations or individuals; that if the movement is committed to being antihierarchical in its vision and praxis, then it must wrestle with the unpredictable ways in which power, privilege, exploitation, and epistemic violence work; and that it has to destabilize the ways in which the media continue to look for heroes--whether those heroes come in the form of academic authors or political leaders.
The terms used for friendships that have evolved in and through SKMS are instructive.
The art (and power) of claiming our analytical and intellectual insights collectively was one of the most significant political lessons that we discovered together, one that has continued to guide the journey of SKMS. At the same time, there are intricacies associated with this lesson--intricacies that determine which encounters, insights, disagreements, or dreams can be narrated or translated for whom, where, when, and how.
Subconfluent cultured cells (SkMs and HeLa cells) were subjected to hyperthermia (42[degrees]C for 2, 6 or 24 h) in the 5% C[O.sub.2] incubator.
Desmin, a muscle-specific marker, demonstrated the purity of the experimental cultures of SkMs obtained from the rabbit femoral muscle [56].
Hyperthermia and Total Cx43 Protein Expression in SkMs. Thus, hyperthermia treatment caused the JNK-dependent amelioration of GJIC in the SkM culture.
* In the information integration layer, all of those data streams are subjected to mapping, normalization, reconciliation, synchronization, mining and the like, to become intelligible components of the SKMS.
* In the knowledge processing layer, data from the SKMS are processed into usable intelligence through query and analysis, reporting, monitoring, business analytic processes (e.g., forecasting, budgeting and planning) and modeling.
In a white paper for its Vantage platform, Compuware describes the SKMS "as a system ...
As for SKM (machine-rolled kretek cigarette) producers, the large-scale ones are Gudang Garam (81.9 billion bars in 1997), Djarum (12.9 billion bars), and HM Sampoerna (10.7 billion bars).
Table - 1 Categorization of cigarette producers effective as from 1 April 1999 Type of cigarettes/ Category of Output rates tobacco products producer (per annum) SKM or SPM Large-scale > 6 billion bars Medium-scale > 2 billion - 6 bill.
Note: SKM = Machine-rolled cigarettes; SPM = Machine-rolled white cigarette SKT = Hand-rolled kretek cigarette; KLB = Cigarettes wrapped in dried corn husk KLM = Cigarettes in which the tobacco is mixed with benzene gum incense