SKOMSarjana Komputer (Indonesian: Bachelor of Computer)
SKOMSome Kind of Monster (Metallica movie and song)
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We are pleased to announce this multi-year agreement to provide connectivity services for the SKOM fleet, said Athina Vezyri, Executive Vice President of Maritime for Speedcast.
As we continue to scale our chartering capabilities further, we look forward to furnish the majority of our vessels with a more comprehensive suite of connectivity solutions from Speedcast, said Jonathan Leong, Executive Director of SKOM Group.
The local side was originally named 'Skom Boyz' (literal translation; "Boys From The Village") but, due to the flood of Everton kit and as a nod to Steve's contribution, it was later renamed, and now plays under the banner 'Everton Skom Boyz', wearing the Royal Blue jerseys of their Merseyside counterparts.
The Skom Boyz have no multi-million pound complex, no first-class facilities, no on-site medical expertise.
The most recent, just last month, saw 25-year-old Ngidi Msungubana killed as he surfed just metres from the shore, while two members of the Skom Boyz side have lost their lives after similar attacks during training sessions.
For just 62 miles away, in the dusty township of Umthatha, lies the perfect rivals to Everton's Skom Boyz - Umthatha Liverpool!
Open Competition: Provision Of Services For The Modernization Skom External Web Applications For Organizations Presenting Descriptions Of Collections Of Digital Resources, Including Descriptions Of Cultural Objects And Digital Collections That Are Stored In The Fund FGBI Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library In The Public Domain In An Integrated Interface Union Catalogue Of Electronic Resources